The Survivals of Jewels

Learning to thrive through sharing my true stories, healing through God, healing through crafts, helping others, and helping others gain better health. Please note, names have been changed for protection.

Seeing Them Everywhere January 27, 2013

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I find it interesting that the bad times (memories/feelings) come and go so fast. I seem to be haunted by every man that abused me. Did you ever have one of those days that you kept seeing your abuser on faces of other people? Everywhere I go today, I think I’m seeing one of them. I look a little closer, and its not them. Then I think it would be impossible to randomly see them. Then I turn my head and think I’m seeing a different one. Flashes of memories of the abuse hit me like waves every time I think I see one. I’m not sure I will ever heal from all the pain. But how does one stop remembering? Or are we supposed to remember for a reason?

If you experience this, know that you are not alone. I would love to hear from you as I feel I am alone in this all the time.


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