The Survivals of Jewels

Learning to thrive through sharing my true stories, healing through God, healing through crafts, helping others, and helping others gain better health. Please note, names have been changed for protection.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) February 5, 2013

Filed under: Surviving Mental Health — The_Survivals_of_Jewels @ 2:14 am

If you have ready any of what I have gone through, you will find it given that I have this. The same doctor that diagnosed me with Anxiety Disorder, diagnosed me with PTSD. He said that there really isn’t any medication for it, however, he gave me medication to help me sleep. He said counseling is my best choice.

My sleep gets terrible at times. I will experience night terrors wherein I wake in hysterics and sometimes in odd places. Like my closet. Sometimes the nightmares don’t even seem scary to other people but are terrifying to me. The doctor gave me Ambien for the bad days. Or, if I haven’t had sleep in days due to it. Which is seeming to happen a lot lately.

I also get what I call “waves” of terror in the awake time too. I will think I see one of them, or see something that reminds me of them and for a flash, relive the experiences (abuse) all over again. It completely debilitates me at times. I stop in my tracks and have to regain myself. Certain sounds, shows, or smells do it too.

Again, counseling and medication costs money and that is not something that grows on trees around here. But I continue to work on this daily.


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