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Fancy Cup Coozy February 13, 2013

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Chain 4. Connect to first hole making a round. Chain 3. Double crochet into circle 15 times. Slip stitch into the top of the chain, connecting to make a solid circle. Chain 3. Turn circle around. Double crochet 2 into each chain all around the outside of the circle. Slip stitch into the top of the chain at the end of the round, connecting to make another circle. Chain 3. Turn circle around. Here’s when we start going up the cup. Double crochet 1 into each loop around circle. Chain 3. Turn around. Repeat. Continue up until cup expands, then add a stitch into a loop per round until the cup straightens out, then go straight up without adding stitches. Change colors as desired, changing as the row goes up. For the furry part, continue with the same yarn, just add the furry stuff at desired row.

You can adjust the entire thing to single crochets or half-double crochets if you want as well.


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