The Survivals of Jewels

Learning to thrive through sharing my true stories, healing through God, healing through crafts, helping others, and helping others gain better health. Please note, names have been changed for protection.

Haunted by Him February 14, 2013

Filed under: Surviving the Different Abuse — The_Survivals_of_Jewels @ 4:45 pm

Why is it that certain abusive men do not give up and think they can win you back when you want nothing to do with them. They know what they did to you. What is wrong with them. Well, in this case, I have gone back to him before, so maybe he is thinking he can try again. I’m not going to be duped again.

The other day I received an email from Steve talking about his email listing service. I did not respond. Yesterday he tried friending me on facebook. I simply replied that I do not friend people that were hateful people and blocked him. In order to do that though, I had to go to his profile. On the front page, as the cover photo, you can’t miss it, is a picture of my son as a kid. I reported him as harassment, but facebook found it invalid. It’s interesting how he tries. Abusive men are very sneaky when it comes to harassing you. Then, today I was woken to a call from a credit collector asking to get in touch with him. They said he listed me as a reference. Why would he do that? To harass me again. They asked if they could leave a message. I said you can try but it will never get to him. I was abused by him and have no contact with him. They apologized and hung up. Seriously Steve…why?

Turns out the haunting comes in waves too. Hopefully this will die out. But watch, the next one will come along.


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