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Double Carpal Tunnel March 1, 2013

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On my journey to discovering my fibromyalgia, I was sent to a neuropathologist. He did a test that sent electrical currents through my nerves. He started on my feet and lower legs. It felt kind of funny, but no big deal. The he did my arms. Now the reason why these tests were ordered was all because I began to have numbing in my limbs in specific parts. Especially my fingers. When he ran the current through my arms, the pain was crazy horrible. I jerked terribly. He sent the results back to my rheumatologist.

When I saw the rheumatologist, he diagnosed me not only with fibromyalgia, but severe carpal tunnel in both wrists. He gave me cortisone shots in both wrists and braces to wear while I sleep. He told me to stop crocheting. Now that is something that I just can’t stop doing. It has died down tremendously.


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