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Fibromyalgia March 2, 2013

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At the beginning of June in 2012, I thought I was coming down with the flu. My body ached, I was nauseous, tired and weak all the time. Only thing was I never got a fever, and it was summer. I thought it would pass and just slept a lot and took Nyquil. It got worse. The pain was still all over my body, but worse pain began localizing to my neck and shoulders, knees and elbows. Then the headaches started. They were so bad that even light hurt. I was losing the battle to feel better. I so I went to the doctor.

The first one said she didn’t know what to do, gave me pain medications and sent me on my way hoping that it would get better and told me to call in a week if no change. Of course, nothing changed, things got worse. I was now losing sleep because I woke up in so much pain. Everything hurt so bad. Parts of me that I didn’t know could hurt, hurt. My eyelids and under my toenails. It was amazing how terrible I felt.

I went to the next doctor and he swore I had Lyme Disease. He ran tons of bloodwork and that came back normal. He sent me on my way with more pain medications and some nausea medications. Again, no change, I just got worse.

I went to the third doctor and he said he would run a panel to check the functioning of some of my organs. Those came back normal. I was now getting mad and depressed on top of feeling constantly sick. I went back to that doctor and he said it all came back normal and he didn’t know what else to do. He referred me to a gastroenterologist for my nausea and gave me more pain medications.

The gastroenterologist said he didn’t know what it was and decided to do a endoscopy. That came back normal and he sent me back to the third doctor with normal results. When I went back to the third doctor, he said he wanted me to try a rheumatologist.

It took nearly a month before I could get into see him. The rheumatologist said he was sure it wasn’t fibromyalgia or arthritis and believed me to have a gluten allergy. He ran a series of tests. I went back to see him and he said they all came back normal. He asked for the results of my endoscopy and saw nothing there either. He told me to try a chiropractor and also see an endocrinologist.

The chiropractor seemed to help somewhat. It was because of him that I learned how to sleep to minimize pain. On my side. It actually helped. Upon his exam, he said this is something that is definitely in the nerves and not musculosketal. I saw him for a series of treatments, but no diagnosis, so I never really got better.

The endocrinologist was insistent that I was a gluten allergy and ran more tests. He seemed very cold-hearted and terrible bedside manner. I didn’t want to see him again. This part of the story continues on the Deficiancies post.

I called the rheumatologist and begged for an answer. I said no one he referred me to was helping. He decided referred my to his gastroenterologist.

That doctor ran deeper studies for a gluten allergy and found nothing. He said many things can cause nausea and just gave me strong anti-nausea medications. He then sent me back to the rheumatologist.

I called the rheumatologist again and he said he wanted to try a couple medications. He put me on Nerontin and Flexeril. He also referred me to neuropathologist to test my nerves.

The neuropathologist ran a test that ran electrical currents through certain nerves. He found something, but not what would be covering all the pain. This part of the story continues on Double Carpal Tunnel.

Suddenly, I began feeling better. The pain and nausea was dying down but not completely gone. I was amazed. I got a call from the rheumatologist and he wanted me to come in one last time. When I went in he was happy to hear that the medications he gave me were helping, but that because of that, it basically diagnoses me. He then diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. He decided to increase the dosage. The pain disappeared. FINALLY RELIEF & DIAGNOSIS!!! I was so happy. I felt like myself again. I still have flare-ups, especially now since I have no more insurance and medications, but I tough through it and keep praying through it. 


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