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Mixed Up Teddy Bear March 5, 2013

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p_00164There is a great story to these bears I make. Years ago, I saw a commercial for Maytag wherein there was no work for the Maytag repair man so he goes to help a toy factory repair a toy making machine. It seems the machine was making the stuffed animals all wrong. The faces of the teddy bears were on their bellies and the stuffed giraffes had two necks and heads, one on either side of their bodies. Front and rear. The bears caught my eye. Always loving teddy bears, I thought these were cute. I wrote Maytag and asked if they were selling any of them and how could I buy one. They said that they have gotten many requests for the bears but were not sure if they were going to be selling them. They said they would let me if and when they do. Months later I got a large envelope in the mail from them with a letter stating Maytag had determined that they would not be selling these bears but I am welcome to make them myself. Then it said, “in lieu of this please accept an autographed picture of the Maytag repairman.” And sure enough there it was. Too funny. Anyways, after many attempts, I discovered this easy craft.

What You Need;

1 Teddy Bear (cheap from a thrift store)
Pointed scissors
Needle and Thread (to match the color of the bear)


Using the pointed scissors, poke a hole 1/4 inch on the outside of one eye. Stick one tine of the scissors int he hole and cut around the eyes and circling 1/4 inch below the snout. This should leave you with a decent circle. Pull off the circle and leave the stuffing in the snout. Use the circle of the face as your marker and place it over the belly. Cut a circle the same size as the face on the belly and remove. Switch places, the belly for the face and vice versa. Hand sew with your needle and thread one stitch in one of the circles. Bring it back around and tie it to the slack. Bring the needle and thread under the circle and sew exactly opposite side the first stitch. From there, stitch around the circle in and out until completely sewed on. Do the same with the other circle. This works better with fur at least 1/4 inch long. Trim any strings.


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  1. […] tried to look up information about HOW THIS COULD HAPPEN, and—amid stories of hilarious mix-ups at the Maytag factory—I found an article about a Mexican drug cartel that stitched a man’s face onto a […]

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