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MLP : Friendship is Magic Blanket & Pillowcase March 7, 2013

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11I finally convinced my adult son to go to the fabric store with me. As we were there I told him to go look throughout the store for any My Little Pony material, party stuff or scrapbooking stuff. He got excited as he is a huge Bronie (if you know what that is). (Perfectly straight guy that are obsessed with MLP: Friendship is Magic). LOL. When he found me he was carrying a large bundle of MLP fleece. He was so happy. As we were getting it measured out, we asked if they had anything alse MLP. The lady said no and checked other stores. Everyone was sold out. MLP must be amazingly popular. So we bought Joann Fabrics out of MLP fleece.

I got it home and cut off just enough to make a pillow case. Turned that inside out and sewed the sides by hand. I asked how he wanted the side of the blanket and said just a plain seam will be fine. So I sewed that by hand as well. The Pinki Pie pillow I found on for 20.00. I didn’t make that. MLP stuff is hard to find. Anyways, for all you Bronies out there….Viola!


2 Responses to “MLP : Friendship is Magic Blanket & Pillowcase”

  1. camila angeles Says:

    where do you buy this in brownsville? my 22 year old sister samantha loves my little pony friendship is magic plz help me i want to get it for her graduation of being in the marine corps for 12 weeks help me answer back at

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