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How-To Crochet a Bag from Old Plastic Grocery Bags March 17, 2013

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Do you have tons of old grocery bags just piling up? Don’t throw them away creating more for our landfills. Take care of the earth. It’s our home. Make something from them.

First, you need to make them into “yarn” to crochet with. Here’s what you do;wpid-IMG_20130311_001811.jpgwpid-IMG_20130311_001740.jpg

Flatten your bag back to the shape it was before the groceries were put in it. Lay it horizontally, longways in front of you on a table. Fold in half making a longer rectangle. Fold two more times in the same direction. Top to bottom from you. Cut the handles off and about an inch off the bottom of the bag. These two pieces are all you throw away. Now, with your long strip, cut along the strip every inch. Now you have a ton of tiny pieces. Unfold one and you will discover that you have a bunch of loops of plastic. Now link them together as shown. Continue, one by one until you have created your “yarn”.

Now, for a bag or basket, or anything really;

Photo255Chain a strip as wide as you want your bag. Using a half double crochet, create the bottom shape of your bag as desired. Shown is a bag I made as a lunchbox. Wide at the bottom and decreasing as it goes up. From your bottom, use whatever stitch you like and work your way up as tall as you like. I suggest working a handle into the sides instead of making handles and attaching them. It makes the bag stronger. And this truly is a super strong bag. The grocery bag I made hold three 2-liters at a time.

Make sure not to throw into the dryer. You can, however put in the washer. These make great bags for the beach as the sand just goes right through them.

Feel free to comment with any questions. I will be glad to help


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