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Raw Fish & Staying On Plan March 22, 2013

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My great concern for not being able to eat sushi anymore prompted me to write the Dietetic Technician at TSFL. This is what she has to say.

“As you know, Medifast generally recommends individuals following the 5&1 meal plan to choose either 5, 6 or 7 ounces of cooked meat (depending on whether the meat is lean, leaner or very lean, of course). Sashimi, however, is a caveat to the system. Keep in mind that 7 ounces of raw fish will vary slightly in its nutritional composition than that of cooked fish. This is because when cooked, water escapes, shrinkage occurs and the portion becomes “more concentrated”. The amount of shrinkage that occurs is different depending on the item, but is generally recognized as being approximately 33%. Raw or cooked, 5-7 ounces would meet the general nutritional goals of the lean and green meal for calories, protein of the Weight Loss Phase on the 5&1 program. So, although not generally recommended if a person eating raw fish wanted to get the same nutritional value as the cooked portion, they could simply add the amount lost from shrinkage to their portion size though this would not be needed to meet the lean nutritional goals.

The appropriate portion sizes for the items asked (when cooked):

Tuna Yellowfin: 7 ounces + 2 fat servings
Tuna Bluefin: 5 ounces + 0 fat servings
Salmon: 7 ounces
Snapper: 7 ounces + 2 fat servings
Eel: 5 ounces + 0 fat servings

(Note: Marinated eel may be high in carbohydrate depending on the amount and type of marinate used, I would err on the side of caution if unsure of the marinade)”

Approved by TSFL Dietetic Technician.
Take Shape For Life (TSFL) is changing my life!!!


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