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Crocheted Leg Warmers March 30, 2013

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redcorsetleggingsThis turned out pretty cool. Yet another of my creations. This is made in four parts per leg.


Measure along the back of your leg, around your ankle, and around the area just below the knee. For the area along the back of the leg, reduce the measurement by 2 inches to compensate for the top and bottom strips. For this section, you will chain the length of the measurement then double crochet one row. For the next row, you will double crochet into the back stitch instead of going through both loops for the whole row. Turn, and double crochet normally for the next row. Turn, and make another row wherein you double crochet into the back stitch. That’s part one. For parts two and three, combine your yarn with fuzzy yarn. Chain one inch, turn and half double crochet into the back stitch, turn and repeat. Continue making your strip until the length of the area around your ankle. And another one for the length of the area just below your knee. Using a yarn needle, attach the three pieces, leaving a large gap for the middle piece. Now you know what size you need for the area around the shin. Your ankle will most likely be the smaller piece. Start by chaining the length of the bottom open area. Turn, and half double crochet into that row, skipping every other stitch. Turn, and do the same. Increase by adding stitches as needed until you have filled the open area. Attach using a yarn need and slip stitch together. Now you should have one leg finished. Get a large long strip of ribbon. Weave it in and out of the bottom of the top strip. Pull it to where it is even on both sides. Lace down the calf into the open stitches where we back stitched, skipping a few stitches every time. Repeat process for the other leg. And now you have some pretty cool legwarmers.


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