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Men Lose Weight Faster Because… April 1, 2013

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Are you working real hard to lose weight, while the guy in your life just changed one thing and loses ton of weight? I am. It is so frustrating. My 18 year old son is doing the same basic diet and has lost way more than me. He weighs in every Monday and is all the time saying how much he has lost. He has lost almost 60lbs in 12 weeks! It was getting to the point that is was making me mad every time he would get excited about losing more and more. I had to talk to him and say I am very happy for him, but it is becoming discouraging to me. So now he says it once a week and writes it on the calendar. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of him and love watching him get healthy and look sharp.

But as I thought of it, I decided to write the nutritionist and ask why he losing so much faster. Her answer was this. “Men have a higher percentage of lean muscle than women. Muscle burns calories faster so men lose weight faster than women.” So, it’s not because of his age or that he may be doing something different. It’s imply his biology.

So ladies, don’t blame your guy. It’s not his fault. That’s just how he is made.

Take Shape For Life (TSFL) is changing my life!!!


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