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Lithium Trials June 12, 2013

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Awhile back, I was prescribed Lithium by my primary physician until I could get on with a psychiatrist to prescribe them. If you have been through this battle, it’s a big one. It can take months to see someone. Well, two weeks into taking it, I began hitting curbs while driving and lost my ability to do many things cognitively. I’m still having troubles at times. But am feeling much better than before. My brother took me to the emergency room and I was dealt with by the Washington County Crisis Team. They got me off the med and redid things. Even they could see that I was very affected by the Lithium. They put me on Clonazepam, Latuda, and Seroquel. While on the Lithium, my hallucinations got bad. They died down a bit on those meds, but I was a zombie half the day and had a hard time waking up. I finally got in to see my regular guy and he has me on a different regimen. Clonazepam, Doxy-something for PTSD, and Saphris. He also re-diagnosed me. I am not just Bipolar, I’m Schizo-affective, bipolar type and PTSD. These meds seem to help but not comepletely. I can;t wait to see him again.

If you have been through similar trials, please know that you are not alone.


4 Responses to “Lithium Trials”

  1. Debbie Says:

    Yup, bipolar with suicidal tendencies. I really liked Latuda but insurance doesn’t want to cover it. They want me on seroquel . NO way after losing weight. I’ve seen people blow up on that stuff. So I’m sticking with Wellbutrin and Viibryd which also has a huge co pay. I use Valium instead of clonazepam b/ c I suffer from chronic intractable migraines and the Valium is both an anti anxiety AND a muscle relaxer that helps when my neck and shoulders get knotted up from so much pain. I also use it to sleep. Otherwise I can be up until 4- 6 am.

    This stuff is not fun for sure. But it can be controlled with meds and I’ve found DBT therapy extremely helpful!

    Hope you get the right combination soon and feel better soon.

  2. eagle Says:

    God bless you! I was touched reading your story. I have had my mental battles.. Far beyond what many could imagine. I want to encourage you sweetie.. Im a believer in Jesus Christ.. And once I had an awesome experience with the Holy Spirit… My mind was totally healed!! All torment seized.. Those voices got quite!! He is the GREATEST physician in

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