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Week 42 of New Health Plan November 8, 2013

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Weight 217 = 12lbs lost!

Sorry I haven’t been on, I went through a great depression and just didn’t feel like blogging. Things are better now through changing of my meds yet again. They upped my Loxapine. On a better note. I tried on some jeans after I took a trip down to see my mom and sister. Mom gave me some clothes that she has shrunken out of. Anyways, they fit! Size 18 pants and size XL shirts. I was amazed. That’s coming down from a size 30 pants and size 4X shirt. Amazing, I think.

TSFL changed my life!


5 Responses to “Week 42 of New Health Plan”

  1. Karleen Bushard Says:

    You go girl! I have lost 60 lbs and have 90 to go so I empathize with the ups & downs of being on the plan. I don’t know if this statement would be “approved” but I think it’s ok to take a break once in a while. I have done this, I will continue to do it, I just have to watch myself and not do it too often. I am the type that likes to weigh every day, although it’s just a number, it’s the most immediate form of feedback for me, that keeps me motivated. I love your recipes and so appreciate your work and sharing it all with us. TSFL has changed my life too!

  2. mdog32 Says:

    It IS amazing! I’m down 103# and have about another 50 to 60 to go and I too am suffering with depression. I was just diagnosed with it about 6 weeks so. I also go to Overeaters Anonymous meetings and that helps me out A LOT. And being on TSFL goes very well with my OA plan. Keep it up!! ~Gina

  3. Carrie Weigel Says:

    You are looking fabulous. Congratulations for sticking with it. I hope to stay strong until I reach my ideal weight. I have just started the program and am in my second week. My starting weight was 292 and as of this morning I am at 272. I get frustrated very easily and have to remind myself it will take time. Not eating out or grabbing a bag of chips or even going to the movie for the popcorn is the hardest part to get past. Keep up the good job you are doing as I see it is and will be very rewarding.

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