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New Health Plan March 27, 2014

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I know it’s been awhile since I posted last, I’m sorry.

So, I’m at 174lbs. I only have 5 more pounds to my goal. But, I’m thinking this has been so easy that I’m gonna keep going til I reach 150lbs. Then level out. Although I’m not sure I can veer off plan well. I have been used to eating so often that not eating will be a problem. So, I’m gonna stick to the plan but up my calorie content.

Speaking of my plan. A few of you have asked how I am doing this not being on TSFL/Medifast anymore. So here goes. As soon as I wake up I eat 100 calories, like a light yogurt. 3 hours later I eat again, a 100-130 calorie granola bar or something of the sort, as long as it stays within those calorie confines. 3 hours later I have a Lean and Green meal (which you can find in the Lean and Green category on my site). Those average at 400 calories. Sometimes if I don’t have time to cook, I have a Lean Pocket and 100 calories of a vegetable, like a can of green beans. Or if i am out and about, I have a 6inch roasted chicken breast sub at Subway, or Mc Donald’s now posts the calorie content on their menu. Just make sure it is 400 calories. 3 hours later and from there on every 3 hours, I have another 100-130 calorie pack, like a banana, or an apple and a orange together. Even if I eat right before bed, I still eat. Remember this is only within waking hours. This totals 5 100-130 calorie meals and a 400 calorie meal. I eat 6 times a day just like the TSFL/Medifast plan. I look online and look up the calorie content of something before I eat anything that does not have the calories on it. So if there is a fruit or vegetable that I have a craving for, I look it up online. It’s that easy and yes it works, I’m living proof. The Medifast food got to be too expensive for me and I didn’t want to veer too much off plan. If you follow my facebook page you will follow my progress there. I average 1-4 pounds lost a week.

So, if you are wondering if you can do this diet plan without the Medifast food, yes you can!


4 Responses to “New Health Plan”

  1. You go, girl! Yes, you figured out the formula. Medifast isn’t magic – it’s convenient and takes out most of the having to figure things out, if you can afford it. It sets things up to make it as easy as possible to succeed and stick with it. But it’s not the only way to get the same result. The keys are small meals every 2-3 hours, the calorie counts you describe, balanced carbs and protein, and making sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need. You can do it without the pre-packaged products. And you need to be able to do it to maintain your healthy weight – so you’re setting yourself up to succeed with maintenance. I’ve lost 96 lbs and have 4 to go to get to my goal of 152. I’ve not always strictly stuck to Medifast products but have stuck with following the plan the way you are, and yes, it works!

  2. Mary Vangeloff Anderson Says:

    you give hope to the rest of us

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