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Did You Know…the Disabled Were First to be Gassed by the Nazis? April 7, 2013

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t4.1Please let me begin by saying that this article may be disturbing to some. But the truth needs to be heard in order to never let this happen again.

In 1939, in Germany, began the gassing of over hundreds of thousands of mentally and physically disabled individuals. This happened within only six years. Many people don’t know this, but the beginning of the holocaust began with the disabled. It was called the T4 Euthenasia Program. Adolf Hitler began this program to kill incurably ill, physically or mentally disabled, emotionally distraught, and elderly people. He convinced actual physicians that getting rid of them would give others a better life. The Nazis referred to the program’s victims as “burdensome lives” and “useless eaters.”

It began with a large school bus that was painted black, windows and all. It was painted black t4.2so that people could not see in and “patients” could not see out. This bus would go around from town to town picking up these individuals. One place I read, said that this bus was wire to leak exhaust into the back of the bus to kill these individuals as they were transferred. Over time, they found this not to be cost effective. So they began taking them to Tiergartenstrasse 4, wherein they were killed by starvation and lethal injection. This again became not cost effective. So, they began building a room within the institution that sealed shut.

As each person was brought in, pictures were taken as “evidence” of why they would be a burden on society. They were stripped of their clothes, belongings, and gold teeth and sent into this tiny room. Up to 75 people were sent into a tiny room that they called the shower room where they were gassed. They placed mirrors on the tops of the wall and left a small window on the door so a physician could watch to make sure all had died. These first killings by gas did not happen fast. It took up to 45 minutes before they passed away. The bodies were removed and tossed into pits and buried in piles. After which, these “physicians” faked death certificates with bogus causes of death and sent them along with ashes to their families to make them believe they died a decent death.

It seems as though these individuals were made to be test subjects for the Holocaust, as it began right at the beginning and continued through. From the building of this one structure came all the other concentration camps and gas camps. Tiergartenstrasse 4 has been used as a prison since this time. The structure still stands to this day.

So, my question is why. On many levels, why? Why would you still have operational gas chamber standing? Why would anyone want to create a “master race” by extinguishing others of any kind. Let this be a lesson to all. Throwing away the disabled in any manner, is the same as the Holocaust. Let’s not repeat such a tragedy. Hold these wonderful individuals close to our hearts and love one another no matter what the cost.


Spread the Word to End the Word April 6, 2013

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The word is the r-word, or “retard(ed)”. As many use it not to be hurtful but to be funny or in jest, it is the single most hurtful word to say to any person with a mental or physical challenge. Okay, so you don’t say it to someone with those disabilities. How do you know? A lot of challenges are unseen. And what if you are not speaking to someone with a disability, but they have a loved one who is disabled. Or what if someone listening is or has a loved one who is disabled. Bottom line, it is hurtful no matter how you put it. Because it has become a part of our everyday language doesn’t make it right. So make the pledge to stop using the r-word.

In fact, let’s take this to another level. Let’s pledge to end all hateful words of any kind, to anyone. No matter their gender, race, religion, disability, orientation, likes, dislikes….anything. We are all adults here. End hate in all forms people. The world would be a much better place if we all lived in a respectful and loving culture. No, not everybody is like this, but you can be. And in so doing, you will set off a vibe that becomes contagious. One person becomes two and so on. Instead of spreading hate by using derogatory terms in any manner, spread love. Jesus did.

To join the herd to end the word, visit or visit their facebook page.


Helping the Homeless March 10, 2013

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wpid-IMG_20130216_193236.jpgThe other day I decided that I should use some of what I’m making selling items online should go to helping others. I came up with the idea of creating care packages for the homeless. Easy to do. Here in Portland, there are a number of homeless and every time I see someone, it breaks my heart. The first thing I knew I would need is sealable bags. It rains a ton here and this is critical in helping them keep things dry. I then added things like toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste, granola bars, peanuts, vienna sausages, comb and soap. With every bag that goes out, I also give a bottle of water. I keep these in my back seat and easily grabable from the driver’s seat. So easy to do and you can too.