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New Health Plan March 27, 2014

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I know it’s been awhile since I posted last, I’m sorry.

So, I’m at 174lbs. I only have 5 more pounds to my goal. But, I’m thinking this has been so easy that I’m gonna keep going til I reach 150lbs. Then level out. Although I’m not sure I can veer off plan well. I have been used to eating so often that not eating will be a problem. So, I’m gonna stick to the plan but up my calorie content.

Speaking of my plan. A few of you have asked how I am doing this not being on TSFL/Medifast anymore. So here goes. As soon as I wake up I eat 100 calories, like a light yogurt. 3 hours later I eat again, a 100-130 calorie granola bar or something of the sort, as long as it stays within those calorie confines. 3 hours later I have a Lean and Green meal (which you can find in the Lean and Green category on my site). Those average at 400 calories. Sometimes if I don’t have time to cook, I have a Lean Pocket and 100 calories of a vegetable, like a can of green beans. Or if i am out and about, I have a 6inch roasted chicken breast sub at Subway, or Mc Donald’s now posts the calorie content on their menu. Just make sure it is 400 calories. 3 hours later and from there on every 3 hours, I have another 100-130 calorie pack, like a banana, or an apple and a orange together. Even if I eat right before bed, I still eat. Remember this is only within waking hours. This totals 5 100-130 calorie meals and a 400 calorie meal. I eat 6 times a day just like the TSFL/Medifast plan. I look online and look up the calorie content of something before I eat anything that does not have the calories on it. So if there is a fruit or vegetable that I have a craving for, I look it up online. It’s that easy and yes it works, I’m living proof. The Medifast food got to be too expensive for me and I didn’t want to veer too much off plan. If you follow my facebook page you will follow my progress there. I average 1-4 pounds lost a week.

So, if you are wondering if you can do this diet plan without the Medifast food, yes you can!


Week 42 of New Health Plan November 8, 2013

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Weight 217 = 12lbs lost!

Sorry I haven’t been on, I went through a great depression and just didn’t feel like blogging. Things are better now through changing of my meds yet again. They upped my Loxapine. On a better note. I tried on some jeans after I took a trip down to see my mom and sister. Mom gave me some clothes that she has shrunken out of. Anyways, they fit! Size 18 pants and size XL shirts. I was amazed. That’s coming down from a size 30 pants and size 4X shirt. Amazing, I think.

TSFL changed my life!


Week 37 of New Health Plan September 28, 2013

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Weight 229lbs = 3lbs gone!

I went on vacation last week and did not weigh in. There was no scale there. So, I weighed in this week for the last two and found a loss of 3 lbs. I’m pretty happy with that. I tried to stick to my diet as best I could. I didn’t drink as much water as I should have and I cheated on chips at the mexican restaurants. I also had a day of drinking alcohol. But it was straight liquor and not wine or beer. And I still lost! I’m amazed.

TSFL changed my life!


Week 35 of New Health Plan September 14, 2013

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Weight 232lbs = 1lb. gone!

One pound is better than gaining. So, I can’t complain. I was afraid I had gained. I guess the exercise really pays off. Not to mention all the water I drink. I drink tons of water each day. I’m talking 18 glasses. I’ve been really diligent about staying on this plan. I’m hoping for better results but am happy I didn’t gain.

TSFL changed my life!!!


Week 34 of new Health Plan September 8, 2013

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Weight 233lbs. = 2lbs. gone!

As you can tell, I have made a change to the title. I had to go off plan in order to buy a new car. As you know, this plan is expensive and I needed the money for car payments more. So, I have resorted to eating 100-120 calorie packs every 3 hours or the equivalent in fruits, veggies, and leans. I’m also drinking alot of water. 15 cups a day or more. And exercising twice a week. So, hopefully this plan will continue to work. Pray for me that all goes well. Thanks.

TSFL changed my life!!!!


Week 33 of TSFL Health Plan August 27, 2013

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Weight 235 = 1lb gone.

So, I only lost one pound last week. Better than gaining a pound. I probably will gain this week. it was my son’s birthday and I cheated a bit. I’m hopeful though.

Take Shape For Life (TSFL) is changing my life.


Week 32 of TSFL health plan August 18, 2013

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Weight 236lbs = 6lbs gone!!!

I can’t believeI lost 6lbs last week. This exercising must be working. I’m nervous about having to go off plan once I run out of food. But I’m going to keep my calories at 900 plus lots of water and exercise so I should be able to still lose weight. This current weight is what I used to stay at when I was 18yrs old. So I’m excited about that. Until next week guys and gals.

Take Shape For Life (TSFL) is changing my life!!!